We are a Home Staging and Design Company based in Utah County. We help Sellers, Real Estate Agents and Investors create a place where the buyer wants to be. As a Home Stager in Utah we know that Selling your home can be a stressful time in your life. We want to help you sell your home faster to reduce that stress both physically and financially.  Give us a call @ 801-763-7370.

Remodeling and Home Design    

     Cassidy's View Salt Lake Parade of Homes


 " understand that empty rooms look smaller than staged rooms,... home staging is an investment and not a cost. " -Shirin Sarikhani- Seattle Staged to Sell

Our Company

Our Services Include:

  • Home Staging Consultations
  • Vacant or Model Home Staging 
  • Occupied Home Staging  
  • Custom Home Interior Design 
  •  Interior Redesign
  •  Brand Name Furniture Sales at great prices!

We believe that staging your home can save you thousands of dollars in costly price reductions when your home sits on the market for months.

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September 5, 2014

When you go to sell your home, the first thing you might consider is what you can live without.  Most of us have way too much stuff in our homes.  Look around, what don't you need right now?  Box it up and put in in storage for your new home, it will be like opening a present  when you haven't seen it for a while,  or give it to charity for a great tax write off!

Best Interior Design

August 1, 2014

I am super excited!  The home we staged in the Salt Lake Parade of Homes 2014 won Best Interior Design in its catagory! Check out our Home Cassidy's View.

Salt Lake Parade of Homes

July 29, 2014

Check out the home we staged for the Salt Lake Parade of Homes at Cassidy's View.  

Bassett Interactive

June 1, 2014

The Bassett Website has become much more interactive, go online and try it out.  Then give us a call when you're ready to order!

Steve Silvers and Bassett Furniture

January 5, 2014

We are currently taking orders for Steve Silver  and Bassett. If you would like a quote please contact Sam @ 801-7637370.